What are the Healthcare Non-profits Doing to Earn their Tax Exempt Status?

It has long been accepted that healthcare services are a public good. Provisions in national and state tax codes support the availability of medical services to the population by expecting contributions to the community by not-for-profit hospitals and other healthcare stakeholders. Of the many hospitals in the Delaware Valley, nearly all operate as not-for-profits. There has been limited focus on the activities that the hospital undertakes to justify their non-for-profit status. What are the healthcare not- for- profits doing to earn their tax exempt

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The ACA and other legislation require public reporting of hospital involvement in their communities.

How do we as citizens hold hospitals and not- for- profit insurance companies accountable?

Are they good neighbors in their communities?

How do they determine the community benefits activities that justify their tax exempt status?

Is the compensation of executives of the not-for –profit sector excessive?

How is it determined?


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