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Public reporting, Transparency and Accountability

Publically available information is essential for achieving the best outcomes and value in the healthcare sector. 

We believe that publically available information is essential for achieving the best outcomes and value in the healthcare sector. We will review the current state of public reporting in the healthcare sector. We will discuss how to make information more transparent, timely, reliable, and useful for us as patients, consumers and citizens.

Citizens4health effort is build on the following beliefs:


Transparency and accountability are crucial to both democracy and the healthcare market sector

By working together, as citizens and healthcare stakeholders, we can have the best healthcare system in the world.


People need to engage in the healthcare system as citizens, not just as patients and consumers.


Public reporting is an essential component of any meaningful change to our healthcare system.


Personal opinions and political beliefs should not obscure facts and statistics about our healthcare system. 


Every hospital must be a top hospital, providing safe care and optimal outcomes.


The Public Reporting Initiative focuses on the following areas of public reporting:  


Patient safety in hospitals: Will address the public reporting of patient safety events. October 2020 to September 2021


Quality of healthcare: Will explore the public reporting of performance of medical outcomes. October 2021 to December 2021 


Cost of healthcare: Will explore the cost of healthcare to the nation, as well as to individuals, families, and businesses.  October 2021 to October 2021


Community benefit: Will explore the community benefit activities of not-for-profit stakeholders. October 2020 to October 2020


Conflict of interest: Will explore the conflict of interest of the various stakeholder in the healthcare sector.  January to October 2021


Health of the community: Will explore the status of wellness on the local (city and county level) January 2021 to October 2021.

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