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 Hospital Watch: Delaware Valley

Hospital in the Spotlight

Hospital in the Spotlight's goal is to make all hospitals top performers in the care they provide for patients and the benefit they provide for their communities. Based on our extensive “checkup” that relies on publically available data and information, we put hospitals in the spotlight. Our 5 Liberty Bells citizen inspired hospital grading system summarizes the hospital’s overall performance.

The grade is based on the following aspects of the hospital’s performance:  (Click on the title to get a more detailed explanation) 


◊ Hospital profile 

◊ How safe is your hospital?

◊ Quality of medical care delivered at the hospital    

◊ Public reporting: accountability and transparency               

◊ Access to quality medical care at the hospital   

 Cost and value of care 

◊ Community benefit 

◊ Patient’s experience of hospitalization


Hospital Watch: Delaware Valley will provide more details about South New Jersey Hospitals and  Delaware Hospitals in the coming months. Currently, you can follow the link to the hospital's reported outcomes on Medicare Compare as well as state  Dept of Health. You can use our Give Your Hospital a Checkup form to learn more about the hospital's performance. 

We are currently building a database-driven program that will provide a check-up for all US hospitals. Contact us to learn more about our plans. 

Hospital Watch:  Delaware Valley connects to the ToolBox for Citizen Engagement: Take Action (Get personal, Get social, Get Political) for personal and community health information, ideas, and tools for engagement with healthcare stakeholders. We invite you to join the conversation on how to achieve the best healthcare system for all Americans.


In addition to ongoing dialogue, we host a yearly live event, Health of the Nation and the Region, a forum that explorer possible solutions and track implementation and outcomes of interventions undertaken to address the challenges of health in the community. 

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