HEALTHY PHILLY: Citizen Conversations to Achieve Excellent Health for All 

The Healthy Philly conversation section provides a framework for dialogue that is built on the foundation of respect, facts, and dedication to American democracy and values. We focus our conversations on one, simple question:


How can we all, patients, doctors and healthcare institutions; citizens, non-for profit organizations and government; consumers and the "private" sector corporations; achieve effective solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare system? 


Simply put,  


What can we do as citizens, to achieve a healthcare system that is affordable, accessible and provides quality healthcare for all of us? 


We invite you to participate in our conversation with that goal in mind. Over the next year we will discuss the following topics, in conjunction with the various Citizens4health activities.


We start the conversation with the following question: 

What can we do to make all hospitals safe?   Join the conversation


Topics (questions) for future conversations….  

How good are the hospitals at providing healthcare services?

Do we receive the best value for the cost of healthcare?

How good are the hospitals at public reporting?

What community benefit healthcare nonprofits provide to justify their tax-exempt status?

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