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About Healthy Philly

Our goal is to achieve the best health for all Philadelphians

Healthy Philly is an overly ambitious multi-year, multi-faceted initiative that provides citizen-focused information, digital tools, social media applications and other strategies to achieve optimal healthcare for all Americans. The initiative puts the spotlight on the Delaware Valley, (including the city of Philadelphia and six surrounding counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and North Delaware) healthcare sector.  In the near future, we will expand our focus to other US communities. 


What are the goals of the Healthy Philly?


Healthy Philly puts the Delaware Valley's healthcare sector in the spotlight and provides a road map to improving the health status of all our citizens.

  • Every hospital and all healthcare providers must be a top performer as measured by well-defined outcome measures, providing safe care and achieves great medical outcomes. 

  • Provide you information that helps you as a patient, consumer and citizen to achieve the best healthcare for all of us.


  • As a patient, we provide information on outcomes to various health care procedures and safety issues.

  • As a consumer we address the cost of health care to you, the convenience of the services you receive.

  • As a citizen we provide information on how your taxes are spent and the cost of health care impacts the local and national budgets.


Our Initiatives, Programs, Projects and Resources


We examine the role and performance of the various healthcare sector stakeholders.

TimeLine for Citizens4Health Philly


Our Strategy

Healthy Philly is implemented over the next few years and focuses on the overall health status of the Delaware Valley.

To achieve our vision for optimal healthcare our action plan includes initiatives, events, projects, and resources that: Re-frame: Envision:  Empower: Inform: Deliberate: Engage: Track: healthcare-related information and challenges.


Our Action Plan: How we do it 

Increase the use by patients, consumers and citizens of publicly reported healthcare information 


Provide a framework and tools for civic engagement and political involvement to improve accountability for the healthcare sector at the local, state and national level 


Make available to healthcare consumers a user-friendly interface to reliable, current and relevant information about the performance of healthcare stakeholders  


Provide information and tools to improve healthcare outcomes and improve doctor-patient collaboration 


Recognize healthcare organizations that demonstrate best practice in public reporting

The Challenge


Philadelphia is home to the greatest medical centers in the world with outstanding institutions committed to providing the best and the very latest that medical science makes possible. Yet, when it comes to overall health, Philadelphia County is ranked last, 67 out of 67, counties in Pennsylvania in community health indicators. The discussion will focus on the challenges and potential ways to improve the health status of Philadelphians. 


However, like the rest of the country the region’s healthcare “system” suffers from:


◊ unsustainable costs for individuals and businesses leading to personal bankruptcies and stifling business growth,

◊ escalating expenditures by the local government that deprive funding of other important priorities such as education and infrastructure,

◊ escalating healthcare-related expenditures for public employees and retirees that are breaking the budgets of the city,

◊ lack of insurance coverage and access to medical care for too many that lead to the increased cost of healthcare services for all of us, and

◊ poor safety and quality performance of healthcare institutions that lead to unnecessary deaths, injuries and additional costs.


Our Vision

By November 2021 all Americans live in healthy communities and have access to excellent, safe, quality affordable healthcare services. 


Our Mission

Facilitate citizen engagement with healthcare stakeholders in the Delaware Valley, to transform the healthcare system to be the best in the world.






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