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The Path to Excellent Health for All 

Philly Health for All is an overly ambitious multi-year, multi-faceted initiative that provides citizen-focused information, digital tools, social media applications and other strategies to achieve optimal healthcare for all Americans. The initiative puts the spotlight on the Delaware Valley, (including the city of Philadelphia and six surrounding counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and North Delaware) healthcare sector.  In the near future, we will expand our focus to other US communities. 

Hospital Watch:  Delaware Valley 

Hospital Watch


Hospital Watch: Delaware Valley leverages reliable publicly available data and information about hospitals in the Delaware Valley. Our goal is to make all hospitals in the region top-performing hospitals. The  Hospital Watch: Delaware Valley database is a driven program that helps individuals enhance medical decision-making and engages them as citizens, in order to improve health and healthcare services for themselves, their community and the nation.  Additionally, Hospital Watch: Delaware Valley connects to the Tool Box for Citizen Engagement: Take Action (Get personal, Get social, Get Political) for information, ideas and tools for engagement with healthcare stakeholders. We invite you to join the conversation on how to achieve the best healthcare system for all Americans.  


My Healthy Philly Ecosystem

My Healthy Philly Ecosystem provides information, digital tools, and social media applications to empower users in their personal experience with the health ecosystem, the healthcare system and engage with various stakeholders (healthcare professional, hospitals, insurance companies, regulators, government officials, and media) to achieve optimal healthcare for all.

Conversation & Exploration: Healthy Philly Blog

The Healthy Philly Conversation section provides a framework for dialogue that is built on the foundation of respect, facts, and dedication to American democracy and values. We focus our conversations on one, simple question:


How can we all, patients, doctors and healthcare institutions; citizens, non-for profit organizations and government; consumers and the "private" sector corporations; achieve effective solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare system? 


Simply put,  


What can we do as citizens, to achieve a healthcare system that is affordable, accessible and provides quality healthcare for all of us? 


We invite you to participate in our conversation with that goal in mind. Over the next year, we will discuss the following topics, in conjunction with the various Citizens4health activities.

Healthy Philly Conversation

Health of the Region

In order to achieve improvement in healthcare, we need to get a snapshot of the current state of the health of individuals, communities and our nation that can serve as a base on which to build. Reliable, timely data is crucial for an objective presentation of a given medical situation, not just to help the diagnosis, but also to decide on a course of treatment and monitor results. Data is crucial for transparency and accountability, the foundations of our democracy. The challenge with data is to agree upon what is important and relevant. It is not possible to have meaningful outcomes if the data is difficult to understand, unreliable and inconsistent and understood differently by the various stakeholders. Data is not an opinion; it is usually reproducible and verifiable.

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